A message from Southern Airways Express Chairman

December 11th, 2017

Dear Morgantown passenger,

You may have had a less-than-acceptable experience with Southern Airways’ Morgantown service in the past.  For many months, the nationwide pilot shortage hit our flights in the mid-Atlantic exceptionally hard.  In response, we began a year-long effort to build permanent, sustainable pilot bases across the region, using multiple new programs we pioneered in pilot recruitment. Recently, we met that goal, and now Southern Airways has more pilot bases in this area than any other airline in history!

As a result, we’ve now seen a month of near perfect success with our Morgantown flights.  I am delighted to say, “we’re back – and we’re reliable.”   While every airline will have unexpected delays and even a cancellation from time-to-time, you can now fly Southern from Morgantown with the confidence you expect and deserve.

I hope you’ll give us another chance to earn your business.  Southern is committed to Morgantown and to the continued growth of our largest hub, Pittsburgh International Airport and our East Coast hub, Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

Thank You for flying Southern Airways.  Onward and upward.


Stan Little,
Chairman and CEO


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