Southern Airways posts best on-time performance and highest reliability of all U.S. carriers

Southern Airways Corporation, the parent company of Southern Airways Express and Mokulele Airlines, today announces its industry-leading April 2019 performance results. Both airlines operated by Southern have finished at either first or second place in the two major statistical categories by which airlines are judged: on-time performance and controllable completion.

Southern Airways Express finished April with a controllable completion rate of 99.6%, which led the airline industry. Southern Airways Express’ sister company, Mokulele Airlines, placed second in this category with 99.5%, followed by Delta (99.3%), United (97.7%), and American (97.2%) rounding out the top five*.

Mokulele Airlines posted the highest percentage of on-time departures in the industry during the month of April with a near record-setting 94%. Southern Airways Express placed second in this category at 82.1% followed by Delta (71.7%), United (69.6%), American (65.7%), and Southwest (51.0%).  [Statistics for Hawaiian Airlines are not yet reported, but they averaged 87.8% on-time performance in 2018 as a whole.]

“We have made it our priority to be an industry leader in reliability and on-time performance,” said Stan Little, Chairman and CEO of Southern Airways. “I have to believe that at no point in aviation history has one company operated two airlines that have ranked atop these two very important categories during the same month.”

Southern Airways is the essential air service provider at the Morgantown Airport and has seen its connections to American Airlines flights at Pittsburgh International Airport jump by 23% since announcing its ticketing and baggage partnership with American.

Southern entered into a ticketing and baggage agreement with American Airlines last year. This allows Morgantown passengers to begin their trip from their local airport and have their bags transfer to any American Airlines final destination.

Southern, with operational footprints in the Gulf South, the mid-Atlantic, and South Florida, recently acquired Mokulele Airlines, a carrier providing service throughout the Hawaiian Islands and in Southern California. Following the integration of the two airlines, expected to be complete by mid-summer, the new Southern Airways will operate over 1,400 weekly flights, more than any other commuter carrier in the 50 states, including service to more cities in Hawaii than any other airline.

* Completion rate is the comparison of flights that were flown versus those that were scheduled. This statistic refers only to cancellations that were within the airline’s control. Cancellations for reason such as weather or airport closures are not included in this category.